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The time has come to publish answers to your questions from ‘Ask Annie’. This was your chance to ask our favorite Icelandic CrossFitter your questions and set yourself up with some cool Reebook Gear in the process. Thank you all for the hundreds of good questions.

Beth asked: You are a role model for a plethora of athletes, for both young and old. Do you ever feel the pressure to live up to expectations, not only when you’re competing, but when you’re living your regular life?

Annie T: Being a known face brings new challenges, but if you’re being yourself on and off the field of play, the balance is easier to handle. I try to be as genuine as possible in all endeavors and I truly enjoy being in a position to inspire and change peoples lives. I love what I do and I think that is an important message to give people, no matter what they do in life. Find your passion and pursue it relentlessly.

Johanna asked: How to you deal with gender discrimination and gender roles? Do you get hate for being stronger, more muscular, and more successful than most males?

Annie T: Women are more empowered than ever before and the definition of beauty is changing. I strongly believe that the view of the “perfect” woman is moving away from ‘skinny is beautiful’ into not necessarily strong but healthy being the new beautiful. Women want to be in charge of their own life and the first step is to take charge of how you look and how you feel. Being physically capable is not a necessity, but it is a strong foundation for mental growth. There will always be individuals who are stuck in this old way of discriminating between men and women, but I encounter fewer and fewer. What I have found through my last 6 years of doing CrossFit is that balancing the perceived “manly” activities in the gym with more “girly” stuff outside of the gym is essential. I love to get my nails done and I love to dress up!

Olivia asked: Who have been the most inspirational or motivational figures in your life? How have they helped you become the person you are today?

Annie T: I think the people that inspire and motivate me the most are the once that aren’t afraid to be themselves, that go after what they want and are willing to put in all the hard work. That’s how my parents raised me and I will always be grateful for that, what you want won’t always come easy but if you are willing to work for it and won’t give up you are more likely to succeed.

Peter asked: First of all Happy New Year. How did you get through Christmas and New Year – Did you stick to your diet in this period and do you sport during this time?

Annie T: Happy New Year to you! I had great Christmas and New Year. I make sure to follow my training schedule during the holidays. It’s actually one of my favorite times to workout at the gym because it gets very busy, everyone is in great mood, most people have more time to train because of vacation from work and the whole family is there. Diet wise there are a couple of extra cheat days that sneak in because of all the great food and I let myself have a little more treats but I do make sure not to go over board on it 😉

Sarah asked: During the 2015 Games, I was so frustrated for you as I watched you struggle through Murph. You handled that entire situation with such poise and grace.How do you handle situations that life hands you and find the strength to keep going? Do you have a mantra or person in your life that gets you through those situations?

Annie T: I have to admit that I get a strange feeling every time I think about Murph. All I remember of the second part of the run was thinking I do not give up. I have never quit in anything I do in my life and it’s not about to happen now. What has always helped me in my hardest situations has been my belief that the mind will give up before your body. Unfortunately I was proven wrong during the end of Murph and for the rest of that weekend my head was so ready but my body literally would not listen to what I was telling it. It is one of those life experiences that I will carry for the rest of my life and will make me stronger. During the hard times, injuries, pains or heat strokes all you can do is learn from them, grow and I honestly believe they make you stronger in the long run. I have been extremely lucky with the support system I have around me, I believe that my boyfriend and family are such a huge part of getting me through the toughest situations. Then you have the CrossFit community which is a support group by itself.

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The award for best question goes to Sarah, who will be recieving a pair or Reebok Nano5. The runner up honours goes to Johanna, who is taking home a sweet Reebok gym-shirt.

Once again, thank you all for your many great questions. Join us for another round of #AskAnnie next month.

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